2012 AM Summer Jr Trade

Jr. Trade Program

The Bay Area is known for being an active community, and an active family community at that. All of these active moms, dads and kids were the inspiration behind the Junior Trade-In Program. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for families to play together all year long, and year after year, even as kids grow. Just trade in your kid’s new or used equipment every season for up to 50% savings on a new package. We have tons of gear available at great prices, designed to make skiing and riding a low-maintenance, affordable family experience.

It works like this . . .

Selection: Come early in the season for the best selection.

Trade & Exchange: Trade-ins must be made from Labor Day Weekend through March 31.

New Equipment: When you purchase a new package and return it within 12 months, you will receive a 50% credit toward your next trade-in purchase.

Used Equipment: Trade-ins are based on each individual component and can be traded for like-priced equipment during the year for a nominal fee.

Bindings: Bindings must be tested for safety to ASTM standards, a procedure that costs $10 and takes about 30 minutes. On busy days, please be advised that we may not be able to provide this service while you wait.


Current Customers
• If you have used equipment from our program, you can upgrade for just $25 for skis, a snowboard or boots! WOW! It's our original trade-in program and our most popular—it’s legendary.

• If you bought new equipment last year, we'll give you 50% credit toward another new equipment package. If you choose used equipment, we'll give you a $50 credit toward your used package.

New Junior Trade-In Customers
• Get used skis for $54.99, boots for $44.99 and a safety check for $10. Your total cost is $109.98 for a ski package.

• Get a used snowboard for $64.99 and boots for $44.99. Your total cost is $109.98 for a snowboard package.

• Every year you can exchange your equipment for only $25 per piece (skis, snowboard, boots).

• New ski and snowboard packages start at $229.99.

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